Research forum

The Researcher’s Forum meets 3 times per semester. Here, invited scholars present their latest research to fellow researchers, PhD candidates and MA students.

The arrangement is, just like the forum for Gender equality, based on presentations of papers, lunch and dialogue between speakers and the audience. However, unlike the forum for Gender equality, access to the Researcher’s forum is restricted to scholars, PhD candidates and MA students.

The forum provides an opportunity for researchers to get immediate feedback on their works and it is also possible to disseminate papers in advance of meetings. The purpose of the researcher’s forum is to establish a meeting place where researchers may both get to know each other and receive and give advice on current papers. Usually the Forum begins at 11 am, then there is a one-hour break for lunch and mingling before the discussion, which continues until app. 1pm.

Invitations to the Researcher’s forum will be posted on our website and in addition disseminated through the centre newsletter. Contact us if you need further information about the forum!

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