Approved EEA grants “Network of Municipalities for Equality

We are happy to announce that we together with Questão de Igualdade - Associação para a Inovação Social (Question of Equality - Association for Social Innovation), got our project proposal approved within the scope of the Portugues EAA Grants, Open Call#5 – Intervention projects to promote gender equality at local level.

A brief description of the project:

Project name: "Network of Local Authorities for Equality"

Timetable: From September 2020 to August 2023 (36 months)

National partnership: 9 Municipalities representing different Portuguese regions: Amadora, Cascais, Palmela, Vila Nova de Gaia, Mangualde, Póvoa de  Lanhoso, Loulé, Aljezur e Odemira.

Project main goals:

  • Establish a network of municipalities to learn from each other in order to improve the equality between women and men and work life balance, identifying existing good practices and creating positive and innovative actionable measures to be incorporated by other municipalities.
  • Empowering project partner municipalities to implement and validate a set of methodologies and tools to promote gender equality and work-life balance in the municipalities.
  • Promote community forums, with the population and local public and private entities, in order to listen to their perceptions and needs in matters of equality and non-discrimination between women and men, and work-life balance.
  • Promote a final seminar to disseminate project products and outputs.

Centre for gender and equality at University of Agder will contribute as project partners by:

  1. Cooperate in the organization of a study visit to Norway for exchange of experiences and good practices already developed in Norway, in what concerns to the promotion of Gender Equality  at local level
  2. Participate in the final seminar of the project in Portugal, focusing on the aformentioned topic.
  3.  Participate in the project evaluation


A1: Creation of the Network of Municipalites for Equality

A2: Sharing/ Reflection Meetings about EWM and Work Life Balance

A3: Implementation and Testing of Instruments and Methodologies

A4: Study visit to Norway

A5: Training of Decision Makers and Technicians of Municipalities in EWM

A6: Training of Decision Makers and Technicians of public and private Organisations in EWM

A7: Community Forums -

A8: Impact Evaluation

A9: Intermediate and Final Seminars

Contact person: Claudia Klostergaard 

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