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The Centre for Gender and Equality is an arena for collaboration between research and education on gender and equality, public sector, the private sector and voluntary organizations in the southern region of Norway. The Centre works to strengthen the University of Agder’s community contact. Collaboration between the different partners in the Centre shall contribute to secure determined, relevant and applicable research, education in close link to pratice and increased competence about gender and equality. This collaboration shall also secure that development work in the region, regarding gender and equality, is based on knowledge from research.


The Centre for Gender and Equality is localized at the University of Agder, Campus Kristiansand – Norway. 


Through its activities, the Centre for Gender and Equality contributes to giving boys and girls and men and women more real opportunities regardless of gender, thereby increasing the individual’s scope of action.


The Centre for Gender and Equality will:

  • Concentrate and develop research and competence on gender and equality in the Agder region
  • Strengthen education and dissemination about gender and equality
  • Be a driving force for increased equality in the region

Centre for Gender and Equality
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Universitetet i Agder
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