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Telephone: +47 38 14 12 21 (08:00 – 15:30)

Universitetet i Agder (University of Agder)
Senter for likestilling (Centre for Gender and Equality)
Postboks (Mailbox) 422
NO-4604 Kristiansand
Visiting adress:
Gimlemoen 25 H
H2 019B
Billing adress:
Universitetet i Agder
Fakturamottak (invoice/bill receipt)
Postboks 383, Alnabru
0614 OSLO
Remember to mark with the reference number 1710-55137.
OBS! Invoice/bill shall NOT be issued to Centre for Gender and Equality, but University of Agder, as shown above. 

Centre for Gender and Equality
Office Address:
Universitetsveien 25 H
Universitetet i Agder
Invoice receipt
P.O. Box 383, Alnabru
0614 Oslo
Invoices to the University of Agder needs to be sent as EHF. The electronic invoice address for EHF is the same as the VAT registration number: 970546200.
Mark it with the reference number. 1710-55137. If the invoice is sent from abroad, must the country code be added to the address, making it 9908:970546200.
If the invoice is related to an order from the University, add the order number as a reference. If it's not related to an order with an order number, add the four number code as a reference.
Enquiries about invoices: regnskap(at)