Crash course in norm criticism – Why and how?


Zoom (link will be sent after registration)
This course will be held in English, and is an offer to all students and employees at the University of Agder.
Norm criticism (normkritikk) is a well-known term and it`s a concept that is commonly used when talking about equality, diversity and discrimination. In this crash course we are going to answer questions about what norm criticism is and why it’s an important perspective when you work with increasing equality in any organization.
What are norms? Norms are behaviors we expect and take for granted. They are usually not outspoken but silently agreed on. A common misconception is that norm criticism is about being against norms in general, but this is not the case. As a society, we need to have norms to be able to function together. For example, the norm to show up to work on time is a good and reasonable one.
Norm criticism is not about being against norms. Its aim is to question them. Think about it like literaty criticism. Literary criticism isn’t against literature. It analyses it. Norm criticism asks: what norms do we want? Is a particular norm necessary? What happens if we break it? Who is it including and excluding and what are the effects?
Centre for gender and equality invite you to an one hour interactive and digital crash course Thursday 21th of january. Rembember registration:
The event is part of Javel! Diversity week at the University of Agder.

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