World Learning Summit 2019: Tema: E-Quality


Universitetet i Agder, Kristiansand.

Senter for likestilling er vertskap for parallell sesjonene om mangfoldsledelse på årets World Learning Summit 2019!

World Learning Summit er en internasjonal konferanse med en bredde av dyktige foredragsholdere.

5. juni er det en rekke internasjonale foredragsholdere, 6. og 7. juni er det fordypnings-workshops.

Vertskap: Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap og Future Learning Lab

INVITATION: Se fullt program og presentasjon av foredragsholdere på WLS Future Labs nettsted:

Join us for this year’s World Learning Summit – our 9th annual conference at the Future Learning Lab, hosted in 2019 by the University of Agder, Faculty of social science. This year, our keynotes and panels weave through variations of “the digital divide”, bringing together perspectives on technology, human sciences, social sciences, entrepreneurship and policy challenges. Higher Education is at a transformational stage – locally, nationally and globally the challenge may be to engage in what C.Wright Mills once coined “the sociological imagination”. 

How do we learn, teach and interact in globalized life-long learning – what challenges for students, teachers, education managers, business leaders, and policy-makers alike? At WLS, international entrepreneurs join with internationally recognized scholars as well as business leaders and policy-makers, to co-create new insights and understandings of our changing world learning eco system. Topics also coming up: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, and New Designs for Life Long Learning. 

Get to know our world class program of speakers and continuing discussions. Our community is growing and friendly, with speakers and attendees coming back year after year. Our theme this year is E-QUALITY: One key aspect of that term is future access to learning in a world that is increasingly becoming “digitalized” and “on-lined”. A number of future scenarios are open – technological, sociological, pedagogical, cultural and political. The other aspect of E-QUALITY is our understanding of learning in a world that is defined by uneven opportunity, and where the emergent eco system is understood by some as levelling the digital and institutional divides and by others as extending social injustice and difference.

5. juni er arrangementet gratis for UiA-ansatte. Påmelding for ansatte trykk her 

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