Gender mainstreaming


The Centre received funds from the University in 2013 to develop a guide for researchers wanting to apply for grants from the EU development programmes and projects. In collaboration with Agderforskning we developed “Gender mainstreaming in EU development programmes and projects. – A practical guide to gender mainstreaming.”

The main focus of this guide is to explain the importance of including a gender perspective and gender mainstreaming in your EU- application and projects, and illustrate how to include them. In order to do so, this guide provides some relevant background information, as well as information about the gender perspective in relation to the EU, The Norwegian Research council and Horizon 2020. It also contains a checklist to help assess whether a project contains a gender perspective or not, a glossary defining the typical concepts of gender mainstreaming and other related terms and provides relevant examples of how to think gender mainstreaming in projects that appear gender neutral.

Download the guide here.


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