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Researchers currently connected to the Centre of Gender and Equality:

Ann Christin Nilsen

Profession: Researcher/PhD at Agderforskning Academic interests: Qualitative research within childhood, family, living condition and marginalization.

Christine Svarstad

Profession: Researcher at Agderforskning Academic interests: Welfare state, gender, social work, political science.  

Hege Wallevik 

Profession: University lector at Institution for Development studies at the University of Agder, and senior researcher at Agderforskning. Academic interests:   

Ingunn Kvamme

Profession: Researcher at Agderforskning Academic interests: Qualitative research within welfare state and inclusion, sociology, NAV.  

hanne_haaland_imagelargeHanne Haaland

Profession: Head of department at Institution of development studies, University of Agder Academic interests: Development studies, mobility, migration, gender.  

knut-doerumKnut Dørum

Profession: Professor in older and younger history, University of Agder. Academic interests: Status development, political cultur and democratization in the 1700- and 1800, agrarian history before 1850 in Norway and Europe.  

anne_ryenAnne Ryen

Profession: Researcher at Institution for sociology and social work, University of Agder. Academic interests:  Research methodology, qualitative research, cross-cultural contexts.  

ingunnbIngunn Breistein

Profession: Head of department at Institution of religion, philosophy and history, University of Agder. Academic interests: Theology, church history, Free churches and awakening history, Church - State, Secularization, freedom of religion and human rights, Religion dialog.    

irenetIrene Tyrsnes

Profession: Postdoctor at the Faculty of social science, University of Agder. Academic interests: Humaniora, theology and the science of religion, Christen knowledge, sociology, women and gender research.  

Kathrine Bakke

Profession: Researcher at Agderforskning Academic interests: Welfare state, sosial work, political science.  

Randi Wærdahl

Profession: Senior researcher at Agderforskning. Academic interests: Dr.Polit. and Post.doc. in sosiology from the University of Oslo, childhood, familiy, socialization, learning prosesses, family economics, social and individual prosesses of change, consumer society.  
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