We are now project partners in (Re) Design Affections

In May 2020 we got the project (Re) Design Affections, 2020-2022, approved together with the project promoter ADICE.  

Project (Re) Design Affections aims to involve all of society to value the importance of eliminating gender inequalities

This project will be developed over 24 months, by ADICE - Association for the Integrated Development of the City of Ermesinde, exclusively in the School Group of Alfena. The (Re) Design Affections Project should involve students from 6 to 18 years old, non-teaching staff and legal guardians, through the operationalization of (in)formative workshops with a playful-pedagogic component. The main purpose of this project is to involve all the society invaluing the importance of eliminating gender inequalities since childhood until adolescence, through an educational process developed in the school context, extending to family and social environment. The first workshops were held online in November and early December. See more of the project content in this promotion video.

Centre for Gender and Equality at the University of Agder, works as a project partner and our main role will be to collaborate, disseminate and divulge in the expected and real results of all acitvities developed.

The (Re) Design Affections project is a project from Small Grant Scheme #2: Prevention projects for children and young people and promoting non-violent masculinities, within the scope of the Work-life Balance Programme operated by CIG and funded by EEA Grants.

Contact person: Claudia Klostergaard claudia.klostergaard@uia.no

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