Do jobs create development?


B2 003, Universitetet i Agder, Kristiansand

Job creation features prominently in national development strategies and it is globally accepted that without creating new jobs, it will not be possible to meet the first goal of the Sustainable Development Agenda – to end poverty in all its forms and everywhere by 2030.

However, do all jobs result in development? Does the quality of the job matter? Is the goal of Decent Work realistic for all countries? What is the role of governments, private sector, trade unions and civil society in making sure job creation does not result in poor-quality and vulnerable employment?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed during this panel debate.



12:30 Opening:

Ms Kristine Sødal, Secretary-General, Strømme Foundation

University of Agder representative

12:50 Introduction:

Mr Vito Laterza, University of Agder

Commentary: Ms Dharshini Croos, Regional Director for Asia, Strømme Foundation

13:10 Panel debate

Moderator: Mr Asle Stalleland, Strømme Foundation


• Ms Wenche Fone, Director of Civil Society, Norad

• Mr Henrik Munthe, Advocate, NHO

• Mr Mathews Philip, Executive Director,

South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring

• Mr Titus Tenga, International Director, Strømme Foundation

14:50 Summary and closing

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